Beginning Again

Photo May 17, 12 37 22 PM

A little explanation for you–my previous blog about Everything (short stories, poetry, running, yoga, memoirs, essays, etc.) is gone. Done. I had to burn it down, take it down, shut it down. I finally had to admit that it was standing in my way. I was never going to get serious about writing a serious work of fiction (specifically, not about ME), as long as I was still using that blog. And it was time to get serious. My friend Charlie begged me to please, please some day pen a novel. My friend Rob told me that he dreamed of someday reading my great American novel. It was time, but I was never going to commit to it as long as I had the seduction of daily blabber in a personal blog. So I had to do it. Cold turkey. The proverbial clean slate.

And it worked. I’m writing the fiction. The novel has begun. As of today’s date I am twelve chapters deep and I am flat-out loving it. Of course I now can’t believe it took me so long to do it. It’s pouring out of me as if it has been held back. Now I know what was holding it back. So the blog about Everything is history. The novel is now.

So what is this then? A new blog for cheating on the novel? No, it’s a part of my wellness practice I don’t want to lose–the documentation of the miles, the breaths, the breakthroughs, and the lifestyle that is my wellness practice. People told me (and still tell me) that it inspires them; the raw realness of creating a style of living in the interest of sustaining wellness. I missed writing about wellness. I missed the almost daily affirmations that wellness is not achieved, it is practiced. I still feel the need to say those words and I know that sometimes my readers still need to hear them. They definitely need to be exposed to the realities of the practice–that it almost never looks like the artfully rendered media images and it doesn’t always feel magical.

Wellness is work. You (and I) have to get up every day and choose the work. Choose the truth. And be accountable for the choices. I still need to write about that. I still need to support that part of my practice. If it inspires you or someone else, all the better. If not, no harm done.

A few notes about moving forward–my small tribe of readers were previously known as Assassans over on that other blog. I will continue to address them as such, which means that if you are a new reader who returns with any regularity, you are also an Assassan. You have no responsibilities whatsoever except to enjoy the inclusion.

For those Assassans not interested in running, racing, training, yoga, meditation, nutrition, recovery, travel, and the like, you ‘re just going to be frustrated hanging around here. You need to follow the novel instead or maybe follow another blogger. I mean to stay focused here and sometimes training logs and race reports can be dry. My creative energies are being funneled into my novel so while you’re welcome here, be advised it won’t be like the old days.

For everyone else, I’m not an expert on anything but me. Let me just go ahead and say that right away. I’ll repeat it often.

I’ll see you tomorrow. And welcome back.

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