TDOF–Nov. 19 – 20

I’ve decided to forego the introduction to Thirty Days of Forgiveness and cut to the chase for the rest of the practice. If you just got here you can check out the explanation on my Oct. 27th post.

What must die?

11/19:  The belief that there are certain things in the Universe I just can’t have or don’t deserve.

11/20:  The unfair prejudice that there is something wrong with wealth (or something wrong/bad about wealthy people).

If to forgive is to love, am I ready to love?

11/19:  How many times have I preached to others that the Universe conspires in our favor? I’m to believe that everyone else in the Universe is worthy and deserving except me? Remember all the writing I did about “it wants you too.” That applies to everyone else but me? Good gravy, Sassy. That’s downright stupid.

11/20:  Abundance is not a curse. It’s not a blight. It’s not a sin. It’s not evidence of wrongdoing or skewed values. There are good wealthy people and good poor people just as there are badly behaving people of varying financial means. Prosperity is not wrong. While it can be argued that greed is a product of fear, prejudice and hate are also products of fear. Self-righteously dabbling in the business of fear for the purposes of condemning others is definitely a skewed value.

What pain must I face?

11/19:  There are only two reasons I’ve ever been denied anything. 1) I didn’t believe I was worthy of it, or 2) I either didn’t want to work for it or wouldn’t dare to claim it.

11/20:  Condemning others for having money is just as wrong as it was for others to condemn and mock me for being poor. I didn’t like being classified and labeled as a second-class human being because I was too poor to afford the trappings of prosperity. How can I justify treating those who can afford those trappings with similar disdain for failing to be poor?

Can I own this publicly?


Rumbling on.

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