The Topography of January

I’m going to celebrate January now. I’m going to be arrogant, smug, and lacking in humility. I’m going to be obnoxious and self-absorbed. I’m going to shamelessly and unapologetically publish my highlight reel for the last 31 days. This is where you look away or go away if you can’t handle it. As for me and my house, we will celebrate that this desire-mapping business really works.

I feel the way I planned. The plan worked, at least in January.

In my lifestyle and livelihood I feel Empowered–Worthy, Strong, Entitled, Powerful, Deserving and Free. What I did to encourage this:

  • I earned a promotion. I deserved it. I’m proud of it. I’m grateful for it and I mean to use it graciously.
  • My first real vacation in years–years, people!–is now planned and booked.
  • I said Yes to another round of book club and I agreed to be a co-facilitator for discussion. I have consistently showed up every week to give and receive. To be bold and vulnerable about personal growth. To share and learn. One member wrote about me in January, “That girl brings it every. damn. time.” I’m proud of that too.

In my body and wellness I feel Splendid–Whole, Supple, Pleasure, Sensual and Comfortable. What I did to encourage this:

  • I successfully recovered from my injury sustained in November. I’m running strong. I ran my first race of 2016 with joy.
  • I completed a 30 day Plank-A-Day challenge with my planking sisters. I worked up to 120 seconds. That’s two minutes of planking, folks. And then I signed up for the next 30 days. That’s a different challenge. You’ll hear about that in February.
  • I worked yoga into my lunch hours. A mat now lives under my desk, ready and waiting.
  • I was standing in my kitchen making coffee before work and I shit my pants. Literally. I shit my own pants. In my own kitchen. I thought it was gas. Some morning toots. It wasn’t. I shit my pants. I washed. I changed. I went about my business getting ready for work. Ten minutes later I did it again. I did not call in sick. I went to work anyway, scared to sneeze, laugh, or blink too hard. I wrote an article for publication. Around noon I worked up the courage to admit my morning episode. I told people what I did. Colleagues. My boss. My office mates. They laughed. They laughed and laughed and laughed. But not to humiliate me. They laughed to relate. They laughed to ease my discomfort. They honored my courage with their laughter. Then they did something I didn’t expect. They shared stories of times they’d done it too, or something close, or came close. And it was a remarkable bridge to build. Over doody pants. I’m proud of this. Do you hear me? PROUD. SPLENDID. This shit can happen to me and I keep going. I can make something splendid out of it, like a connection. A bond. A celebration of humanity.

In my creativity and learning I feel Authentic–Fluid, Flow, Ease and Clarity. What I did to encourage this:

  • I wrote and published an article for a women’s running organization. Judging from the feedback received, it helped inspire or at least comfort a lot of women. (I have no idea how long that link may remain active. DID doesn’t last forever.)
  • I finished my Slow Yoga series. Turns out it wasn’t a book after all. I figured that out. Figuring out what doesn’t work is Badass.
  • Every week I wrote another chapter of my novel. I’m up to 40 Chapters now. That’s huge. And it’s getting good. Just ask my one fan, Michele.

In my relationships and society I feel Generous–Affectionate, Comforting, Healing and Honest. What I did to encourage this:

  • I gave away a lot of food. A LOT of food in January. Tons. Gallons.
  • I gave a lot of hugs and not just to friends and family. I started giving them at work too. To people who don’t like to be hugged. It’s catching on.
  • I said Yes to becoming a leader for a local running clinic. It’s a free clinic. It’s ten weeks. I’ll be giving away my time and and experience to help other women become walkers and runners.
  • I gave away another Ugly Doll to one of my running sisters, which clearly indicates that I gave her the gift of fun. And since she’s promised to fulfill the adoption agreement with pictures of Ugly adventures, I gave me the gift of fun too.

In my essence and spirituality I feel Supernatural–Magic, Divine, Soulful, Connected and Natural. What I did to encourage this:

  • Every week day I observed Morning Prayers before I started my day, without uttering a single prayer. It was devotional time for reading, meditation, and sometimes filling up The Book of Me with insights; some to share, some to keep.
  • One of my goals for the year was to develop a healthy relationship with money. A soulful, connected, mindful relationship to money. My intention was to spend non-bill-related money in alignment with my core desires. I did that. I examined every purchase for alignment and motivation. I tracked every penny in alignment to determine how a purchase would support my core desired feelings. This feels MAGIC when it works. And it worked. Hot damn, did it work.
  • In case you’re wondering (I know you are), this is the definition of supernatural–attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature; of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable universe;  of, relating to, or being above or beyond what is natural, unexplainable by natural law or phenomena, abnormal; caused by forces that cannot be explained by science.
  • I posted all that so that I could post that I don’t have to explain any of this. It’s supernatural, so it’s perfectly okay if you don’t understand it.

Much love all around.

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  1. mishedup says:

    I cannot be your one fan….
    well if so i wear the fandom proudly… is good, i love it.
    whoever else is reading this please go read the book!


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