Informed Celebration

Celebration continues to be the order of the day . I’m on the lookout for every possible way to celebrate every day. Like all things related to wellness, this is a practice. I fail as often as I succeed but this is the nature of practice. As I’ve said so many times before, this is why it isn’t called a performance.

My latest bloodwork results came back normal yesterday. So we can rule out a thyroid problem affecting my heart. I’m celebrating one more thing marked off the list of possibilities. My lungs are not crackly. There is no fluid build-up in my ankles, legs, abdomen, or the veins in my neck. These also marked off the list. Every time the list gets shorter it’s a cause for celebration.

One of my readers died yesterday. She was also my friend. She was one of the Steeples, a family of sorts that formed around the work of Brian Andreas many years ago before Facebook killed the intimacy of message boards. In addition to a confidante and a source of support she was one of my biggest fans for over ten years. She truly loved every word I wrote. She sent me a dozen handmade flowers to wear in my hair.

I’m celebrating that she is no longer suffering with cancer. I’m  celebrating that I got to know her as long as I did. I’m celebrating that we touched each other through the virtual world and added value to each others’ lives through our friendship. I’m celebrating that I’m not the only one. Many people loved her and thought she was special and will mourn the loss of her. I’m celebrating that I got to be in her orbit while she was here.

Every day I wake up with a beating heart is a celebration. Every time my heart converts back to sinus rhythm on its own is a celebration. Every homeopathic discovery that boosts heart health is a celebration. Moderation is a celebration. Every day I get to take a selfie, or give a kind word, or vote, or laugh with a coworker, or buy cookies from a little girl, or light the expensive candles, or use the fancy dishes, or neglect to sweat the small stuff; all occasions worth celebrating. It’s a practice. It gets easier with continued practice.

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