Relative State

Wellness is manifested.

It is not an achievement, an accident or happenstance. It requires intention, action, and sustained effort. It is a perpetual practice of balance and integration:  social, spiritual, occupational, physical, emotional, and intellectual. It begins with awareness and it is sustained through ritual.

Those rituals do not need to be elaborate. In fact, the simpler they are the more likely we are to maintain them. All they really need to be is meaningful. Infuse even the smallest action with intention, desire, or resolve and the properties of wellness are activated. From a match struck to light a candle to the quiet repetition of words to a daily selfie. Wellness is practiced is such ways as much it is practiced in cooking, work that serves the world, or fitness endeavors. A nap. A thank you. A gesture of compassion. All of it matters because all of it directly affects the relative state of our wellness.

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