May Manifest

How did you want to feel in month of May?

I wanted to feel Generous. In order to feel Generous we have to be Generous. Generosity doesn’t just mean money. It includes our time and patience, our attention and compassion, our resources and talents, and sometimes our wisdom. (And it most certainly can mean money, but not in May.)

To share these things with someone else I crossed the finish line with a first-timer. She was my running clinic partner; you may remember me writing about her in April.  We found each other in the dark early one Sunday morning during the first week of clinic. After training with her for ten weeks I promised her that I’d walk the graduation 5k with her. She asked me to pace her as well, something I’ve never done before in an official capacity.  We wore our flowers and our team uniforms along with this many runners, walkers, and leaders:


I carried her water and phone and fuel. I kept her on pace through the last half mile. When she struggled I held her hand or let her lean on my shoulder. I coached her breathing and posture and her stride when exhaustion set in. I encouraged her. I reassured her. I promised her she’d make it.

When she crossed the finish line I held her and welcomed the tide of emotions. I praised her efforts and celebrated her achievement. I took pictures of her with her proud family. Then I got her down on her back and put her through some assisted stretches to help her recover faster. She inspired me to tears twice during the race. Naturally there were more tears at the finish line. I cried again in my car as I drove home alone, aglow in her first-time race elation. Later that night she texted me to tell me how much it all meant to her and I cried again. Generosity is a salty business, my friends.

It’s also a buttery business.

A few weeks later came the night before The Chef’s birthday. I’d been sick all week and sink-or-swimming through the first week of my challenging new job. I wanted him to have a birthday cake. I did not want to run out and buy some processed pre-made crap from the grocery store. My new hours wouldn’t facilitate a pick-up from our local bakeries. I’d run out of time. I’d done no planning and no shopping for ingredients. Let’s also go ahead and acknowledge that I was physically and mentally drained and it was a weeknight, so there were lots of tempting reasons to say, “Why don’t we just do your birthday on Saturday, Sweetie?”


I baked that cake. I imagined the type of cake I wanted without even going to the pantry to see if I had the correct ingredients. (You’ll remember that The Chef does the cooking so I’m never well informed about ingredients until the food is placed in front of me.) I was sitting on the couch, not standing in the kitchen. I grabbed my tablet and Googled a recipe for the cake I wanted and chose the first recipe listed. Then I walked into the kitchen and manifested the shit out of my desire. All the right ingredients were there in all the right quantities. I just thought it up and—boom–made it happen, instead of opting for less generous options. That badass feeling of fulfillment made me want to be generous more often. And the cake? So much yum.

High on this generosity (and crumb topping) I made a third choice that might be no big deal for other generous souls but for me? Big deal. Bloated deal. Swollen. Inflated. Obese deal. I’ll stop…

There are two ways to be a race volunteer:

A)  Volunteer without running the event (show up and work)

B)  Volunteer before the event, run the event itself, and then volunteer some more after the event (work, run, work).

Option B is all fine and dandy. It’s all good. Race Directors still love you. I know this because every year when my running club hosts the event in question I volunteer with Option B and it’s the aforementioned all good. But Option A is truly juicy. Option A is succulent. If Option B is fine, Option A is finery. This is when Race Directors love you long time. It’s the bee’s knees. Rock star status. All Race Directors lust, covet, and crave Option A volunteers. It’s true. And I’ve never been one. Until now.

May was a big month. In addition to Generous I wanted to feel Splendid, so I signed up for the Live More Challenge with Sarah Jenks. Click the link to read more about it. This challenge actually begins in June so I’m going to defer writing much about it until then to keep you from getting saturated. However, it is worth mentioning that the Splendid feelings of June are not going to happen without the Splendid choice of May.

I also reinstated my YogaGlo membership. This goes back to a Splendid choice I made in April. When I changed jobs I chose a position with shorter hours and closer to home. I get to reclaim commute time and I get an extra evening hour. So the answer to the question of what I’d do with an extra hour per day? I’d do yoga. The answer to the question of why I’d give up an easy job for a harder one? My wellness.

I also wanted to feel Supernatural. I signed up for the Seven Days of Devotion Challenge with Elayne Doughty. This also kicks off in June so you’ll hear more about it on the next highlight reel.

I wanted to feel Empowered. That new job? I’m all in. Empowerment meter is surging. It’s a lot more responsibility. Tons.  But it’s so nice to matter again. It’s nice to be needed. It’s nice to feel effective and to have an impact. It’s nice to know that if I wasn’t here doing what I do there would be a direct and significant loss of balance, flow, and production.

I wanted to feel Authentic.  This week marks 154 Days of Selfies. My longest streak to date. And it’s not just my face, my hands, my legs, and my overall image going into the project. It’s also my creativity. It’s my lifestyle. My motivation. My cultivation. My practice. My authenticity.

Everyone is so fond of saying “the struggle is real” these days. The practice is real.

How do you want to feel in June? Let’s discuss in thirty days or so.

But you can start now.

(I’m not waiting on you.)

(But I am cheering for you.)


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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m so excited you’re joining us for the challenge and can’t wait to witness and hear all about your experience. Sending my best!


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