Due Date Today

It’s Day Two of the Live More Challenge. The Universe has shifted.

In the second day of the challenge Sarah asked us to watch a video she created called Fun & Food. It is the first video in a three-part series introducing participants to her signature program Live More Weigh Less. I’ll be honest. I groaned. I’m not interested in a weight loss program; not because I don’t think Sarah’s stuff is legit but because on the surface I’m done with the perpetual goal of weighing less. Even if I can jive with the concept of Living More I don’t relish another Weigh Less initiative. The social mandate that we must all weigh less for the sake of weighing less no longer applies to me. I just threw out my scale in April, dammit. Pass. Next. Thank you/no thank you.

Except. Well, shit. I’m doing this flower/mantra/oracle thing every week now during Morning Prayers. This week’s flower is Red. Passion, commitment, and spirit. Bringing it–every damn day. It takes strength to do what you love. This week’s manta and mandala is all about achieving great feats with desire, meaning, and joy. ← That’s passion, folks. Sounds all rah-rah, I know–but then the thorn in my butt. This week’s ancient oracle carries themes of receiving and surrender.

(For new readers: Morning Prayers aren’t actually prayers. It’s devotional time. Reading, meditating, writing. Spiritual tune-up time. Sometimes yoga. I just like the renaissance of calling it Morning Prayers like the queens in old European novels who took Mass every day before breaking their fasts with breakfast.)

So there I was on my meditation throne ready to pass on Sarah’s video. Ready to not receive it. Ready to not surrender to the offering. Ready to dismiss it. Ready to not bring it—my attention, my intention—and ready to not be strong enough to hear it.

I took a giant gulp of coffee and thought, Wow, do I really want to bail on this challenge on Day Two? It is, after all, supposed to be a challenge, right? I didn’t sign up for this to not be passionate about it, did I? Enter surrender.

Here’s the thing about surrender. Surrender is married to passion. It’s true. There’s a magical point at which the point of surrender is to give yourself wholly to your reality so that you can become more passionate about it. Think about it.

If we’re pregnant, there is little to gain in fighting the pregnancy. Even if we don’t want to be pregnant. At a certain point it makes more sense to accept it; surrender to being pregnant. The moment of surrender is the point at which we can become passionate about being pregnant.

If we’re injured, fighting the injury only prolongs the healing process. How well does denial work? D’uh, it doesn’t. When we surrender to being injured we can become passionate about the healing process.

It works with all our Woes Are Me:


Financially broke.





The fight fight fight typically gets us where where where? Nowhere but sicker, more broke, fatter, lonelier, more depressed, still addicted.

If we are unhappy we will typically fight until we hit rock bottom. We fight to the death of our defenses. You know the story. We look up from rock bottom. We realize that nothing we’ve been defending is working. Then what? We surrender. We release our grip on the crap that makes us unhappy. We give up our illusions about how things should be/must be/used to be. We accept the truth of our situation. This is the moment it becomes possible to become passionate about changing our circumstances. The possibility of passion is born in the moment of surrender.

This lightbulb came on as I listened to Sarah describe her battle with her body on the video (to which I surrendered). Sarah describes a moment of relief in which she found herself pregnant because she suddenly had an excuse to have a swollen belly and extra weight. It was forgivable to be fat. It was allowable because she was pregnant. While she was pregnant she could stop the interminable fight against her body. She surrendered to being fat even if was only a temporary concession. And then the magic. Her perspective shifted unexpectedly. With her mind no longer preoccupied with weight loss she could receive new/different information about herself.

Sarah said, “I connected with my body as having a function instead of being just something to look at.”

Oh my glob, y’all. That is so potent it makes my toes curl. Read it again. I am soooo glad I didn’t miss that statement. That’s a game changer.

This brought into hyper-focus the truth that the Universe brings us insights as we are ready for them. We are presented with the things we are supposed to learn but those things sometimes arrive in vehicles we might be tempted to dismiss or reject. I would have missed this morning’s insight had I allowed myself to pass on Sarah’s video because my ego said, “I don’t need that.”

This also reinforces the importance of my continued surrender to Morning Prayers because I am freshly compelled to be passionate about them. Like Sarah’s shift during her pregnancy, this morning ritual is no longer about what I can get out of it but also what I’m bringing to it. What I’m bringing now is Passion.

Passion? First thing in the morning? Seriously? Doesn’t that fly in the face of why I needed Morning Prayers in the first place? Jeez, I guess it does.

Morning Prayers were created because I wake up and crave ways to ease myself into the day. I require time to slowly prepare myself for the day. I function better this way; with a nice slow morning to gently and gradually power up to readiness for whatever the day might hold. So I get up earlier, keep the house quiet, let the light in slowly, and feed myself what I need. Sounds reasonable, no?

Now I am framing this differently. Like Sarah’s shift, now that I’m no longer preoccupied with what I need, I need, I need from this, I can consider what I bring, I am, I give to this. I’ve been passive when now I feel passionate.

Now I think the day needs time to prepare for Me.

The day needs to ease into readiness for Me.

A nice slow morning to allow the day to receive Me a little at a time.

Morning Prayers may certainly be time to bolster my readiness for the day but it is now also time to allow the day to adjust to what I may bring.

To gently deliver myself and my magic into the morning until the sun readies the planet for the full intensity of my Presence.

And just like that, Passion is born.

Thank you, Sarah.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for your insights and for surrendering. I can’t wait to witness and hear all about your experience. Sending my best! Sarah


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