189 Days of Tinas

It feels good to have a name for these. If you missed the explanation of Tinas you’ll need to go back and check the previous post. It’s easy to find; Tinas is in the title.

This is the image I would have posted on Facebook under the Lawsonesque disclaimer that This Is Not A Selfie. Or in multiples, These Are Not Selfies, which would make these TANS instead of TINAS but I just know someone is going to take it too literally and think I’m trying to post pictures of my suntan(s). That would be ridiculous because a) I don’t tan and b) I wouldn’t be able to come up with a new one every day even if I did tan. I’m the prototype for the Aryan people of the world. We don’t tan. We can’t help it.

I’m not a Nazi either. I feel compelled to clarify this because using the term Aryan seems to connote Nazi ideology these days instead of being a simple designation. Also because this post will show up in search results whenever seekers or party sympathizers Google anything related to the term Aryan. Nope. No Nazi propaganda here. Turn around. Go back. This is not the information you seek.

The less inflammatory designation is probably Indo-European. Caucasian doesn’t really suit the reference since I know plenty of Causasian lads and lasses who are able to tan beautifully.

I’m baffled as to how Aryan folks were ever touted as an alleged master race when those of us who make up the race can’t manage to be outside in bright sunshine for longer than nine minutes without blister, burn, and skin cancer. Someone really thought we could take over the world?  Clearly we are far too fragile for that. You’d think our melanoma mothers and fathers would have realized that we are utterly dependent upon people who can handle sun exposure better than we can. The planet revolves around the sun, dipshits. Exterminating all the other races leaves us what kind of world to master? A world we can’t really master on our own. And we knew this long before 1920.


I digress.

I came so close to deactivating Facebook today my finger hovered over the button. I took a deep breath and made some coffee instead but I’m thinking it’s a relief I deserve. Holding on to the account is doing nothing positive for my social life so how is Facebook serving my wellness? It isn’t. I guess it isn’t technically hurting my wellness either, but only if I stay offline. So I’m inching closer to pulling the plug. If you happen to be my Friend on Facebook you’ve been warned. I won’t use Facebook to make the announcement that I’m leaving Facebook.

Much love.

One Comment Add yours

  1. mishedup says:

    no FB.
    cannot recommend it enough. I relapsed and re-saw the light


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