Bash On

Here we are. The first Tinas post sans Instagram–whew! This was some work, my darlings. I had to work hard on these without the ease of Instagram. But I ain’t gonna lie; working harder for it made it much more satisfying this week. This shows me that I was taking the practice for granted. Instagram made it easy to slap things together or take a slew of acceptable images on one day and reserve them for days I didn’t have time to practice (or didn’t feel pretty–which defeats the point of the practice). Welp, not anymore!

Each one of these images took a significant amount of time and effort. Sometimes I even had to walk away from a given day’s photo and then come back to it later. In fact, the only one that I will call somewhat easy is the image with the white dress and Mary Janes. That one came easier because I ended up with one of those mystery blurs. I wasn’t moving and I didn’t blur it with it a filter. The image came right off the camera that way so I decided to work with it. I cropped it and grunged it up for drama but the blur was an act of nature. The other two images that have some blur were intentional.


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The dragonfly was the best of my creative work this week. This is a dramatic reduction in terms of volume. The Tinas took up so much of my creative energy this week that there wasn’t much left over for other stuff. This dragonfly waited outside my office door to say goodbye to me as I left for the day.

Photo Aug 08, 4 01 14 PM

I left her pretty inflated for you so you could admire her. You can always click to make her bigger. Jenny Lawson says “Click to embiggen” which I love because I adore making up new words. However, I don’t want to steal her stuff so I’m going to say “click to enswell.”

As for the nom de plume, there has been only one vote on the suggested names and nothing else (that feels right) has come to me since then. So for now I am generating a different name each week by anagram because it feels like witchcraft. Without having to come up with any eye of newt–I’m busy enough with Tinas, right? This week I worked an anagram of the first letters from the phrase gracing my old Stargazer Mirrors, I am the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  “iatmbtihes” becomes…

— Mittie Bash

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  1. mishedup says:

    it seems logical that nothing is feeling right about the’ve been sass for so long. That’d all I can see too, and I don’t even live with you(me) as sassy….my miss would be hard to give up.
    It’ll come..the angarams are a fun idea tho.


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