Born of Necessity

The Tinas project rolls on toward the end of August. We are (I am) so close to two-thirds finished. A self-portrait for every day of life in 2016. It has not been easy. As I have learned during so many Novembers when I try to accomplish “Thirty Days of” Whatever, doing it every single day isn’t as much a challenge as posting about it every single day. Obviously I’m posting no more frequently than once per week but still…it’s been eight months. I confess I’m actually looking forward to a day in which I don’t have to take a photo of myself.

Show of hands–who never thought they’d ever hear me say that?

I know.

Photo Aug 24, 5 57 48 AM.jpg

Not that my love affair with Me has diminished in any way, of course. But it will be nice to have a break from trying to come up with new and interesting ways to pose myself. I had a few extra minutes after morning yoga to find a new and interesting way to pose this Yoga Joe. This gave me great delight so the photog love affair has not been diminished either.

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The cutting room floor…

Photo Aug 20, 8 38 30 AM

It was too dark. I liked it that way so I left it completely unedited. But it was going to require too much explanation and in the collage it just became a giant black hole, which ruined the magic of it…especially the candlelight in the water.

Photo Aug 19, 1 51 25 PM

I love this one. Love it. But there was no way I could pass off more than one image in the same bohemian peasant blouse.

Photo Aug 20, 7 13 06 PM

I made fire at sunset. I rose with the smoke. I liked the hazy dimness of it (very blue hour-esque) but the earlier shot with the colors of the sunset was the obvious choice between the two.

Both are okay but the winner had the blades of grass in the frame. That stabby swath of green made all the difference.

The new alignment with ayurvedic time? It works. I’m a believer. Wow, does it work. And is not a big complicated deal. It’s really simple.

  • I go to bed at Old Lady Bedtime. Yep. It’s ridiculously early. But it WORKS.
  • I get up way before the sun–way, way before the sun! Old Lady Bedtime makes this so much easier.
  • Yoga every morning before the sun. Every. Single. Morning. I set a second alarm to remind me. This means I do not have to grapple with whether or not I feel like it as soon as I wake. I know as soon as I wake up I’ve got some time before any decisions have to be made about anything. I hydrate. I have Morning Prayers. Then the yoga alarm goes off a while later and I always feel like it. As soon as the heat breaks I’ll share this time with running again.
  • Oatmeal. It’s like a big warm hug for my belly.
  • Work, work, work like mad mid-morning through lunch.
  • Lunch is the main meal of the day. It’s a big one; so big that I am not very hungry at dinner time. That’s the point–to eat the big meal when the digestive fires are raging and then have a lighter meal when the digestive fires are naturally dying down. It works.
    • (Also because if you make lunch the largest meal of the day you tend to poop early in the morning. The ancient yogis thought this was important–to get rid of yesterday’s doo-doo before we start a new day.)
  • Creative work, projects, problem-solving, brain-storming, the bull by the horns kind of stuff.
  • Put it down. Leave it. Walk away. Down-shift. Go home.
  • Dinner is the lightest meal of the day. Because lunch.
  • Meditation or Evening Prayers.
  • Light exercise, chores, etc. all done by 7 pm, no exceptions. If it didn’t get done it waits until tomorrow.
  • Set the timer on the coffee for tomorrow. Lay out/set up items, organize essentials for the next morning. Wash up. Relax and get drowsy. Read.
  • Old Lady Bedtime.

I really need to think of a different better name for it than Old Lady Bedtime. I’m not an old lady. And even if I did previously believe that only old ladies go to bed as early as I do now, those old ladies were obviously doing it right. I’m sure not one of them knew they were practicing ayurveda (anyone else hear Kathy Bates screaming, “Ayurveda?! Ayurveda is the devil!”…you know, The Waterboy.) But still, those old ladies were nailing it well before ayurveda was cool, mostly out of necessity, I suppose. But necessity can still be cool.

For now I’ll go with Smart Lady Bedtime. And speaking of different names and smart ladies, I give you this week’s nom de plume:

— Ansell Gaile

It’s my maiden name scrambled. Isn’t it pretty?

Be well, friends.

One Comment Add yours

  1. mishedup says:

    you know.i started doing all of that stuff last october and i know it works (i was a 10pm to 6am sleeper with the luxury of an actual class every morning after meditation and breakfast)
    and i’ve slacked off to some extent. getting lazy.
    online stuff came back into my life, worries are creeping in, life is lifey and the first thing to go is that deep self care.
    i appreciate the reminder…i need to get back on track and now because it’s slow and insidious.

    it’s to old lady stuff…it’s love yourself stuff, what could be younger than that?


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