Cheating and Faking It

In addition to the Tinas I bring you two things I found this week that turned my head. In the interest of supporting your wellness as well as my own I’m sharing them here. The first is so sassy I can hardly stand it:  Everyday Bravery Pins. ← Yep, you want to click that link, my friends. I couldn’t pick a favorite but “Didn’t Please Everyone” and “Saved My Own Life” socked me pretty hard. And consider the timing; two days ago I published the post about my daily atta-girl notes and then I find these? Feels like the Universe nodding in agreement to me. If I wasn’t on a Spending Fast everyone I love would be getting some of these as a gift.

And then on a more serious note, this article by Andrew Sullivan:  I Used To Be A Human Being. Another nod from the Universe. This article is disturbing. However, it’s also comforting. It validates and acknowledges many of the things I’ve been saying lately, though with a grander stand and from a bottom-drop that was far below mine.  I recommend printing it out and reading it on paper. Seriously, the struggle to do that will prove the article’s points before you even get to the end of it.

As for the Tinas themselves I did manage to squeeze in a double exposure and one black & white this week. The rest are self-explanatory.  My biggest confession with this set is that I discovered a feature within one of my editing apps that will light up a face if you’ve taken a decent head-shot in relatively flat lighting. It’s pretty and all–gives a subtle spotlight to the countenance without changing the field–but there’s a problem.

When the feature brightens the face it also erases wrinkles and freckles and blotches and zits and eyebrows. I like lighting up the face but I don’t like smoothing it out artificially. I wish I could have one without the other but as of today I either need to learn more or just resist using it in the future.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…Which brings me to Day 306. I cheated. The Chef took that one. I was doing yoga on the back deck. When I got onto my back for my final relaxation Doggo obviously thought I was settling down for a nap. He also must have thought my thigh would make a good pillow. (He’s right.) The Chef looked out the back window and found us this way. I couldn’t resist including it with the Tinas. After 305 days of self-portraits I figure I’ve accumulated enough rewards points to earn a free 306th. If you don’t agree consider that I put up bonus shots last week so I’m pretty sure I’m covered.

Thank you to those of you who to take the time to comment when any of this content hits home. You’d be surprised how often I struggle with posting blabber that feels questionably relevant to wellness only to find out from one of you that it helped you realign or rethink something that supports your wellness. That’s why I’m here, so thank you for letting me know when it works.

–Muhly Peephole *

(help me help you)

 * Yeah, this name anagrammer business has been consistently sass-tastic but Muhly Peephole is just funny and awful enough that it might stick. I love it and hate it so much.  A girl named Muhly? Oh, that’s hideous. But Peephole? Hideous-er. Together it’s just so delicious and meaningful and metaphorical. It oozes Open Road Pirate, no? Let me sleep on it. Or better yet, let me sleep with her. I’ll let you know. 

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