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  1. mishedup says:

    It’s interesting…I don’t usually shop.
    No one needs anything, I certainly don’t and I discourage folks from getting me stuff too.
    I like to shop for the littles…games, etc, but there are fewer and fewer in my life.

    This year, however, I am switching it up.
    I am going to give gifts, or, to be exact, cards with mention of the charity I gave to in their honor.
    The kids are getting environmental gifts….NRDF donations, for their future.
    The adults, at this point, will be contributing to items off the Amazon wish list of the protestors at Standing Rock.
    I am still working it all out.
    The thing is that I am moved to give these donations anyway, but if the knowledge that I did that gave any of the recipient’s (or their parents) pause….well, maybe more good could be done.
    In this new world we’re facing we need to face the reality that private donations are going to be needed much more tha ever before.
    Doctors Without Borders, Southern Poverty Law Center, Planned Parenthood….every little bit helps. Even $5 each, if multiplied by thousands, helps.
    The hardest part, for me, is to not do it with snark. To not target certain family members with donations to organizations that I know will get under their skin. I imagine it and laugh to myself and then I work harder at finding a middle ground, some place we can all agree needs the help.
    That’s going to be the spirit of giving to me this year.



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