The Numbers Don’t Lie

I have crunched the numbers just for fun. I was curious. In thinking about this project without checking the statistics I would have told you that an overwhelming number of my Tinas were running and hiking photos. Nope! I would have told you that I took a ridiculous number of shadow silhouettes. I didn’t. I would have said with complete sincerity that I took more photos of my hands and feet than anything else. Lie. Before making those claims I decided to check. Of course I was wrong. On all counts.

According to the statistics I took more photos smiling directly into the camera than anything else (83 photos). The second most-often taken photos were shots of me in yoga poses or meditating (57 photos). Third most often—standing or leaning against something (35 photos). Fourth place—glaring at the camera or just staring with a somber expression (29 photos). Running (or post-run) came in at 6th most often. Hiking didn’t even make the top ten. (Hiking was 12th.)

Pictures of my hands came in 9th place. All those shadow silhouettes were 10th place. Rounding out the rest of the top ten were images of me sitting and shots of my neck/shoulders/torso. The middle of the pack was split pretty evenly between staring away from the camera, arms reaching for something (non-yoga), dancing, lying down/reclining, and standing on tiptoe.

Side note—Shots of my feet didn’t end up being a viable category because I was always doing something else whenever the feet were shown.

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The back of the pack was populated with photos of my eyes wistfully closed, drinking coffee, walking, or posing with people. Last place finishers were images of me climbing stairs, looking into a mirror or at a reflection, kneeling, reading, and posing with pets (or photo-bombed by them).

In light of this summary, week 49’s selections probably didn’t bring you any surprises other than the height of my twirling skirt. It does, however, offer the one and only shot of me looking into a mailbox. Let us agree then that although the numbers reveal dominant trends in my choices throughout the year, I was innovating until the very end.

— Cherry Bum Cannerus

(numbers are crunchy)

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