A Year Ago This Week, Week Two

Continuing my argument that the Year 2016 was not all bad, I give you Week Two.

A year ago this week I wrote:

“It doesn’t matter how the lightbulb comes on; it’s what I do in the light that matters.”

A year ago this week I was asked to name the things I consider sacred. I listed:

  • Synchronicity
  • Ease of flow
  • Connection
  • Lightening enlightenment       (as in, bolt of lightening)
  • Time management in the interest of stoking the soul
  • Feminine Divinity

A year ago this week I was asked to describe how I felt when I woke up in the morning. I answered during Morning Prayers:

  • Ready
  • Clear
  • Aligned
  • Resolved
  • Calm
  • Hungry
  • Joyful for the process of supporting preparedness
  • In love withe Me

I stopped at withe because this did not feel like a typo, though I did not think withe was a real word. I didn’t cross it out or correct it. I went to check on it. Oh glob. Withe is a word. And what a word it is.


I woke that morning binding love to Me. With tough, supple, flexible cord love was bound to Me. Love had bound me to Her. Love and I were a basket woven together in the shape of a woman. Not a bad way to start the day, eh? I was intuitive in 2016.

A year ago this week I wrote a gratitude list:

comfortable home; so shabby and in need of renovation but it is warm and safe and conducive to a writer’s comfort

supportive husband; he lets me be me

low-cost outlets for expression; free blog

resilient body; she heals herself

I held a deeper gaze in 2016.

No, 2016 was not all bad. Wellness was practiced and manifested. Wisdom was gathered. Love was cultivated.

— Peesli Wally Wilco

(especially willow)

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