Wellness Today–Protagoghost

Well, I suppose I can put to rest the question of whether or not those daily writing prompts were politically motivated. I’m declaring them not so.

Today’s prompt:

If your protagonist had a blog, what would he or she call it? 


This is Ugly Ghost, Peaco’s brother, sometimes called Ug. Peaco was a gift to me from The Chef. Ugly Ghost was a gift to The Chef from me. Unlike my prolific play with Peaco, The Chef never plays with Ug. He also doesn’t believe in ghosts.

This is Ug’s protest, prompt response, and double entendre.

It’s really, really, really okay to be all juiced up on the -ism of the day and still keep a sense of humor. It’s okay to be fired up, motivated, and fiercely resolved and still have fun, poke fun, and provoke fun. You have as much permission to laugh as you have a right to be pissed. High spirits are good. Tomorrow you can still put on a serious face and get back to serious work manifesting serious change to make the world a better place. But take it from my immune system; a little levity is good for the revolutionary soul.

— Amie Sungums

(amusing muse)

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