Wellness Today–Don’t Police My New Year

Tuesday’s prompt:

One month down, eleven to go. Have you accomplished any of your goals for this year?

Seriously though; get off my back. It’s only been a month. I might not have fingers or feet but I’ve got three eyes, a tongue, and two opposable head testicles. I’ll get it done.

Wednesday’s prompt:

The lamplight reminded her of __________ and the night she decided to __________. She wondered what would have happened if ____________. 


Note:  This is one of Peaco’s cousins, Ugly Robot. She was a gift to my former boss who armed her with peace signs like those killy ninja throwing stars. She fills in the blanks for Wednesday’s prompt and disclaims that any peace signs were harmed in the making of this image.

Thursday’s prompt:

Write about your first cup of coffee in the morning.

— Ava Jeep Alcove

(peace love java)

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