Message From The Mat–Simple, Sacred, Strong


The most powerful force on this planet — in the Universe — is energy.

In as much as human beings are made of matter and made of energy, the most powerful force in the Universe is already within us.

If you want to do something about it, use your energy. If you want to do more, use your energy. Let the ground reverberate with it. Let the air resonate with it. Trigger your energy. Employ your energy. Call it up. Muster it. Charge it. Activate it. Work it.

There is no mystery involved. Energy changes and affects every living thing with exactly the same repeating cycle: create, preserve, dissolve. The energy we share with the Universe works exactly the same way. We have the power to create, to preserve, and to dissolve. If we want to initiate these actions we enliven our creative energies, our preservative energies, or our destructive energies.  We rouse and animate them. No permission needed. No complicated rituals. No credentials required. Simple. Sacred. Strong.

Go to your mat and refine the most powerful force in the Universe, which is already yours, already accessible to you, and requires nothing more than your willingness to vitalize.

— Doctress Psalminger

(simple sacred strong)

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