Wellness Today–A Song of Myre and Vice

Tuesday’s prompt:

Write about how you would spend your life if money were not an object.




Wednesday’s prompt:

Pick up the book that is closest to you. Turn to page 55. Use the second sentence on the page as your prompt for today.

“A legend of the Barrowlands by all accounts.”


Ugly Dog, another gift given during the initial phase of the Ugly Doll Movement.

In this case, Barrowlands does not refer to the place name found in Game of Thrones. It is a dance hall and live music venue in Glasgow, and the legend referenced was a musician.

However, my anagrammed pen name this week is so Throne-esque that the other Barrowlands would have been equally satisfying. Kingslayer, Manslayer, Promptslayer. Feels right for a green dwarfed three-eyed ugly doll hero. Or a one-eyed hound with gay pride fangs.

Thursday’s prompt:

Common Misconceptions

— Sirid Manslayer

(and I rarely miss)

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