Wellness Today–And Drink It All Up

Monday’s prompt:

Write about the people who love you the most. 

Skeptics think I exaggerate when I say I sent Ugly Dolls all over the world during the height of the movement. I do not exaggerate this point. It’s neither fake news nor is it an alternative fact. After I sent an Ugly named Puglee to a running buddy in Puerto Rico I received a thank you coconut from her in the mail. I don’t mean I received a coconut in a box addressed to me. I received this coconut in the mail, as is. My address is Sharpied onto the reverse side with postage stuck right to the nut. Who knew you could just slap a stamp on it and drop a coconut in the mail? International mail, no less.

On the nutside shown in the photo you can read the note from Puglee:

Thank you for sending me to Puerto Rico. I am loved.  🙂  Puglee


Sunday’s prompt:

Write about an unsung hero.

Not all Ugly Dolls are like Peaco. Some of them have feet. And fewer eyes. And come in different colors. I was quite taken with the ugly feet of this little guy as he sat on my desk waiting to be adopted. When your doll has no feet, feet are a novelty.

I gave this Ugly to the kid of a former coworker. I got one photo of him sitting on a sofa with a video game controller. It made me sad that this is what passes for play and adventure for some kids and their households. The benefit of working feet seems such a waste if all he’s gonna do is sit on the couch.


Saturday’s prompt:

Write about the biggest mistake your antagonist has made.


Friday’s prompt:

Write about waking up in the big city for the first time.

— Tonnicult Mouthpiece

(put the lime in the coconut)

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