Wellness Today–Earthly Magic

Wednesday’s prompt was another one of those “in six words or less” assignments and I’m already bored with those. So here some photos instead. Two of them tell the story of my dog getting a giant drink of water and then dripping it from his jowls all over me and my weathered deck chair. The other one tells a story of mood lighting at The Jesus Crack House.


Thursday’s prompt:

Sometimes, when one door closes, you need to nail a board over it. 


The Magic Teacup says, “I’ll drink to that!”

It’s been a while since I featured any Magic Teacup images, so I’ll explain again. At the bottom of a specific teacup I find images, symbols, numbers, and sometimes letters. This is the result of leaving my teacup on my desk overnight without cleaning it. The magic happens overnight as the remnants of my tea dry in the bottom of the cup. When I wake up in the morning I get a new magic message; not every day, but most days. Some days all I get is an amorphous blob. I used to share these semi-daily on Instagram whenever I’d get something interesting. Now that I don’t do Insta-sharing I’m usually the only one who gets to enjoy the magic.

Maybe I’ll start working them in this way, yes? For those of you not attuned to magic, the Magic Teacup has shown me/us a white mug of something overflowing with hot cinnamon-nutmeg yum. See the big round handle on the mug curving off to the left? See the tawny froth spilling over the rim of the mug and the steam lifting? Sure you do.


Friday’s prompt:

Write about how you met your partner, but set it on another planet or in a different era. 



Happy weekend. Be well.

— Mercy

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