Wellness Today–Walking The Path In Sock Feet

These are the moments when being on a Spending Fast is HARD. For authenticity’s sake, you should know I want to cave and buy things I don’t need all the damn time, people. I write about it at the end of each month as if I’m winning (because I am winning) but I assure you it is not easy. Take today, for example. I just found the socks I lost several years ago.

I was shopping for Cousin Leigha’s birthday. I found a funky little art store downtown with a random rack of pithy socks in it. These were socks chock full of cuss words and catty remarks and perfect for ladies of a certain persuasion, i.e. badass dark sense of humor. I snatched up a handful of them so fast I almost got into a fight with another shopper who put a pair back on the rack and then came back later to retrieve it only to find it clutched willfully in my tight fist. I refused to surrender it out of a badass dark sense of You Should Have Bought It When You Saw It and Now It Is Mine and If You Really Wanted It You Wouldn’t Have Put It Back. Call me the kid on the playground clutching a certain shovel in the sandbox and screaming “MINE! No! It’s MINE! MINE!”

Cousin Leigha absolutely loved the socks I fought bought for her and this is saying a lot because she rarely wears socks.  I’ve wanted to recreate that gift-giving experience many times with the same socks but the art store is gone and I couldn’t remember the name of the sock maker. Thanks to another blogger I finally found them again. I found at least nine pairs I want to buy for my sisters and ninety I want for myself.

I also found this:


You feelin’ my pain? Are you?  ‘Cuz the struggle is real, y’all.

But not everyone out there is fasting, and it’s a pretty safe bet that someone does legitimately need socks, so I’m sharing for your sakes.  Blue Q Socks. And also because if you get some I’ll feel like your feet are cussy and well. And even if you don’t, the laughs will give you stronger abs and that’s good karma for me. Everybody wins. Everybody’s well.

Tuesday’s prompt:

Send someone a love letter.


Wednesday’s prompt:

Write about why your love interest is good for your story.


Thursday’s prompt:

Write about the moment you decided to leave the path.

— Mercy

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