Wellness Today–Ass Freshly Kicked (It’s been a while.)

I took my trainer’s advice and started swimming this week. It was…well…a start. I’m doing my best to resist calling it a good start versus a bad start. I put my suit on, dug out my goggles and swim cap, grabbed a towel and did it. I lasted a scant 25 minutes before I was wet toast, but it was a start. To the credit of my trainer’s judgment, it definitely took the edge off the running withdrawals. As hard as I ever thought running might be, swimming feels infinitely harder. So hard, in fact, that I’m a little pissed at her. You can bet her free yoga classes are about to get a lot harder too. I’ll teach her to help me so much.

It’s difficult to argue with results though. This is Week Four of the Terminal Knee Watch. Swelling has gone down and range of motion is improved. My limp is gone. Other than feeling weak and wobbly the joint doesn’t hurt much. I was able to walk down a flight of stairs almost normally today and it felt like something to celebrate. The day I’m able to do Child’s Pose again will call for champagne and confetti. If gasping from one end of the pool to the other gets me there, I guess I’ll…



Friday’s prompt:

Write about a place you almost visited.



Saturday’s prompt:

It’s not you. It’s…



Sunday’s prompt:

They called him Rocket Man because __________.

But only __________ knew the truth behind his name. 


— Mercy

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