Wellness Today–An Unlimited Time Offer

The Yes-O-Meter is red-lining. I read this article by Jill Suttie and welcomed the justification validation for these playful posts of stolen creative moments. They matter. According to the study they matter for days afterward. I flourish because I find ways to play. And so do you, in the medium of your choice. (Not everyone owns an Ugly Doll, hard as I tried to make that so.)

In the midst of a busy week I squeeze in these mini-modules of creativity and/or humor for the purpose highlighted in the article, “Doing creative things today predicts improvements in well-being tomorrow.” Playing with Peaco is not an escape, it’s an investment, folks. My Ugly Doll adventures coupled with a random daily writing prompt delivered to my Twitter feed becomes a wellness practice. It engages a brief burst of creative energy that creates a wellness afterglow for several days. Bonus — it’s a process that of wellness work that doesn’t feel like work.

At the moment I feel very much like a Tony Robbins-esque infomercialist trying to coach the world on a revolutionary new feel-good method of feeling good:  Put your toys to work for you! Have you got Ugly Dolls just sitting around collecting dust? Does your humdrum wellness practice need a shot in the arm? Learn how millions of people just like you experience more energy, enthusiasm, and excitement just by playing with ugly plush dolls. Do you want to flourish? Experience more satisfaction? Boost your overall well-being? Put those dusty old toys to work for your wellness with our proven method. Studies have shown…

(wicked giggles) But seriously, the theory is sound. The results make the world a better place because it becomes populated with happier people. I want that for me. I want that for you.


Sunday’s prompt:

The one thing I learned at school was…


Saturday’s prompt:

Write about holding on and letting go.



Friday’s prompt:

The best book I’ve read in 2017 is…



Thursday’s prompt:

Write about the bravest thing you’ve ever done.


— Mercy

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