Wellness Today–Hell No, We Won’t Show

Peaco and I will not be participating in the daily writing prompt today. We abstain as a form of protest. We’ve done well to prove that we have liberal and well-functioning senses of humor. We are routinely snarky and irreverent. Most of the time we’re downright easy. However, some things are not a game. Not anymore. Today’s prompt would be an example of topics, people, and situations about which we do not joke. We can’t afford to.

The prompt questions are generated by a writing group outside the United States. Today’s prompt involved a hypothetical scenario regarding political leadership in the United States. We will not play along. This particular hypothetical scenario is not appropriate for us. It is not reasonable for play, and not acceptable as a joke, even in the abstract.

There are certain things Peaco and I will not say, because words are a form of energy. The energies we contribute to certain conflicts are restricted to very specific contexts, and none of them are funny. We do serious energy work in these arenas, because there are serious consequences.

Every time we use a name we energize that name. Every time we acknowledge a position we energize that position. Every time we extend our energies into the Universe it carries the potential to help or harm. We need to stop helping certain things survive.

Peaco and I opt to be more judicious with our energy. We try not to use it to inflate the power, prestige or prominence of certain groups or individuals. We try not to feed negative energy. In fact, we try to starve it to death. Remember the parable of the two wolves? Stop feeding that wolf.

We will not say the name. We will not acknowledge the rank. We will not defer or default because it’s practical and then poke fun as we slowly, gradually become pawns. It’s not funny. It’s not okay. It’s not harmless. And we aren’t mad; we’re just practicing deliberate misalignment, as I wrote earlier this week. We don’t drive in that lane. We don’t eat at that table. We certainly don’t work for that agency, even indirectly.

We will let this one slide but prompters, you’ve been placed on notice. We like you. It’s going well. We hope this was a single error in judgment which we do not hold against you. However, if this becomes a habit we will no longer play in your yard.

— Mercy

(and Peaco)

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