Wellness Today–Monsters All

Thursday’s prompt:

Write a letter to your future self.

Peaco and I despise these letters to past or future selves exercises. My past self wouldn’t have listened to anything a future self might have to offer. My future self will have already learned from my past self’s failure to listen. So this is essentially pointless. And lazy, and makes us feel judg-y. And monster-y.


Wednesday’s prompt wasn’t much better:

I wonder if people still judge me.


Seriously, this one HAD to be a joke. Get a freakin’ clue, people. Yes, everyone is judging you. Just like you are judging everyone else. We can’t help it. We have NEVER been able to help it. We tell ourselves we should help it. We try. We don’t succeed. There’s a reason. This is not a reasonable expectation. We are wired for judgment. We are designed and built to function this way. Like all aspects of self-awareness we can use this knowledge to help or to harm, but the more we fight it the less we learn how to work with this completely natural human tendency.

And what do we know to be true? Wellness is work. Which means understanding and working with judgment is a practice.


Tuesday’s prompt:

Can you kill a monster without becoming one? 




— Mercy

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