Wellness Today–Don’t Kick the Baby

Saturday’s prompt:

Your antagonist tries to explain his relationship with your protagonist to a person he’s just met. 



Friday’s prompt:

If you gave them the chance, how would your characters negotiate the conditions of their employment with you?


This is not an Ugly Doll. This is a Dammit Doll.  I can’t discern a gender but this one feels male to me. He’s not my doll. He occupies an abandoned office where no one plays with him. This is not entirely a bad thing though, because it also means no one abuses him. These dolls are crafted for the express purpose of being abused — click the link above if you don’t believe me. I love the idea that he runs around the office at night, doing whatever unattended dolls do when the boss isn’t around, with no one to kick or punch him.

I enlisted DD (my nickname for him) into this week’s post as a gesture of affection and solidarity. If you read the posts from Dammit Doll owners on the above-linked website, you’ll see these poor whipping-dolls take the heat for everything from a stubbed toe to a cheating spouse. I gaze at DD in his fab disco duds and shake my head in wonder that anyone could ever hurt him or this brethren. Jeez, people. Do some yoga and lay off the pummeling of innocent dolls! My longtime readers can probably sense what’s coming next; a movement to liberate Dammit Dolls and stop the madness. More to come on that, I’m sure.

— Mercy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mishedup says:

    Hahaha…gnomes to the rescue!!
    BTW.. have one of those and I have never, not once, abused him/her..nor would I.
    So you needn’t come after me


    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      On their “post your personal dammit” feature I wrote: I cannot bring myself to hurt this doll. DAMMIT! Let’s see if they allow it.

      Liked by 1 person

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