Soaking In It

It is stormy this morning here in Mercyburg but the humidity has been transformed into drips and puddles and splashes. Morning Prayers are happening here:

Rainy days are medicinal, my friends. Medicine is simply magic we’ve come to understand. Magic we’ve figured out. We know why this works so we trust it and call it safe. But all of it was once considered Craft we didn’t understand, trust, or consider safe.

Rainy Day Magic. I am letting it work. Be witchy with me today. Tomorrow the sizzle and steam will return and the cool terranean enchantment¬†will be lost. For these moist blue-green hours I am a speckled frog, a shiny wet pebble, a pale bamboo shoot. And I don’t need to understand any of it to know it’s good for me.

— Mercy

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