What To Wear While Riding Dragons

Today I decided to play with a head wrap. I paired it with a long flowy dress and cardigan. I thought it was fabulous and sassy. I wore it to work. It does not violate the company dress code.

The very first person I encountered at the office asked me if I was Muslim. I’m not joking.

Jerk:  “Are you Muslim?”

Mercy:  “No. I am an infidel.”

J:  “What’s that?”

M:  “That’s anyone who isn’t Muslim.”

J:  “So that’s what your head thing means?”

M:  “No. My head thing is not a religious symbol.”

J:  “Aren’t you afraid people will think it’s a religious symbol?”

M:  “No.”

J:  “Does your husband know you wore that out of the house?”

Deep breath. Don’t slay the dragon. Ride the dragon.

M:  “Yes.”

J:  “And he’s not afraid people will think you are Muslim?”

M:  “I didn’t ask him.”

J:  “I think you should take it off before someone takes it the wrong way.”

Easy now, Mercy. Show him mercy.

M:  “If I was Muslim would you recommend I take it off?”

J:  “Well, no.”

M:  “Then there is no harm in someone taking it the wrong way.”

J:  “So you ARE Muslim?”

Palm to face.

Later he came back to ask me if I was offended by his questions.

M:  “No. I am not offended. But yes, your questions were offensive.”

J:  “Huh?”

M:  “Exactly.”

J:  “So you ARE offended?”

Give me strength.

M:  “Do you need my head wrap to mean something in order to understand why I am wearing it?”

J:  “Yeah. I guess I do.”

M:  “When I left home this morning it was just a fashion accessory. Now it is a symbol of my resistance to enabling phobias, prejudices, and stereotypes. Which happens to be the world’s fastest growing religion right now.”

J:  “Yeah, right.  What’s it called?”

M:  “The First Amendment.”

J:  “Ooooooh. You’re a feminist! You know that’s worse than being Muslim, right?”

M:  “Would you telling me this if I was Muslim?”

J:  “No. I wouldn’t talk to you if you were Muslim.”

M:  “Fine. I’m Muslim.”

— Mercy

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mishedup says:

    somebody in your office? that you work with?
    but i love it!


    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      Yes. His blog code name shall be Mr. Yikes moving forward so as to distinguish him from regular jerks.

      Liked by 1 person

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