The Nope Files

Here’s another one for the Nope Files:

WRONG. Great things come from everywhere.

Don’t you believe it. Great things come from everywhere. From the likeliest and unlikeliest of places. Sometimes they come as predicted and sometimes they surprise us, but great things are not dependent upon discomfort.

You can be great and comfortable. You can be great and uncomfortable. Comfort is not a factor. Do not buy into this bullshit.

Is there value in venturing out of a comfort zone? Yes. There is also value in respite and renewal. In a comfortable place to regroup, realign, and recharge. I know a man who came up with the idea for his new business while mowing his lawn. In sweatpants. We don’t become inert in our comfort zone. We become malleable and receptive. We often slow down, shut up, and discover brilliance.¬†Sometimes the magic is waiting for us to let it happen rather than thrashing around trying to make it happen, and that magic moment can happen anywhere.

It is entirely possible to birth super-greatness irrespective of our given zone. If anything, utilizing the resources available in more than one zone is probably more likely to spawn and support great achievements. Sometimes it is critical to step away from the discomfort of achievement to allow our perspective to ripen. To allow ourselves to adjust to all that growing greatness. This most often happens in repose.

I saw the pretty but misleading photo posted on Pinterest today and wanted to spit nails. Do not believe there is only one way, one place, or one condition appropriate to great things. You can do it anywhere and everywhere. Consider that even if discomfort is necessary, great things are typically not sustainable without a balancing element; some hippy-shit harmony, some comfort. Lack of sustainability will erode a fleeting flash of greatness faster than narrow-minded advice. Don’t fall for it.

— Mercy

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