Checking In With Check-offs

I’m still here. Happy Friday, everyone. Or blessed Frigg’s Day, I should say. One my goals for this week was to get a post published here and I’ve already got a tall stack of stuff I’ve pushed to the weekend, so here I type. Here I post. I am getting it done, Frigg be praised. (Don’t act like you’ve never said TGIF. Frigg be praised is actually a more truthful way to express the same sentiment.)

I’ve been relocated. The Universe heard me calling. The energy I previously spent writing about employment and staff management must have been a purge. I no longer work in staff management. No more hiring and firing. No more resume reviews. No more interviews. No more scheduling and staffing. I was needed elsewhere. I told the Universe I was a willing vessel and the Universe asked, Okay, but how do you want to serve?

That’s a tough question. Most of us in the American workforce don’t make employment choices based upon fulfillment. It took me six months to answer the question. Six months to be honest with myself about how I want to work. (And yes, I want to work.) I watched the wrong opportunities come and go and said, No thank you, that’s not my work. It took six months to know what I shouldn’t do but all that time was good research. When the right work for me came along, it was easier to recognize it. There was no doubt, no trepidation; it didn’t feel like a risk. This is why I call it occupational wellness instead of financial wellness. It ain’t just about money, y’all.

So all this time that I haven’t been blogging I’ve been settling in. I’ve been acclimating. I’ve been working out a new routine. Priorities, time management, devotion, structure; everything shifts and flexes and adjusts. I’ve been shifting, flexing and adjusting too. Blogging is still in the mix. As my new routine settles I will be able to post more regularly. I will also be able to post more joyfully. For now I can share that I am grateful, I am well, and I am devoted.

The Chef and I went away for the weekend to celebrate a bunch of years of marriage. We celebrated this occupational shift as well. That’s me swimming in an ocean of hotel linens in the photo above. I blew my Spending Fast but I am not sorry. I shopped for new work clothes. We checked out a documentary film festival. We listened to some live music. We dined and drank and napped and walked off a big breakfast in a pop-up rain shower. We even went to one of those hippy-fest crystal healing festivals on a lark. I am way late to the party on the whole crystal energy business, and that’s most because I’ve always been way skeptical. I came home with three shiny rocks. They are sitting on the table beside my laptop as I type. More on that later.

I’ve cleaned, organized, and decorated my new office. The Magic Teacup has been installed. I’ve worn my new duds. I’ve plunged into my new work which is actually not new to me; it’s the same kind of work I did long ago when I first moved to Mercyburg. I’ve shaken hands and planted seeds of new friendship. I’ve gotten my first paycheck. I’ve shopped and enrolled in the Affordable Healthcare Marketplace. (← Wow, that was an eye-opener! More to come on that too.) Now I’ve checked in with a blog post and my writing time has expired for this morning, so I’m off to honor Frigg’s Day with more grateful work. I’ll see you back here soon.

— Mercy

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