Picky Is A Practice

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I opened up my blog reader today to check out the Monday morning articles from my subscription list. Among them, 40 Ways To Live A Full Life.  I’ve written about these clutter crap articles before. I say again unto you, pick one, not 40. Read one, not the whole 40. I say again unto bloggers, write one, not 40. For any list which offers you more than one tip, hack, suggestion, plan, book, solution, strategy, whatever. Pick one. Just one. Don’t even read the rest. Even if it’s a short list, like five instead of 40, pick one.

Dear readers, it is not helpful to expect you to change 40 things about your life all at once. Why burden you with 40? Why burden yourself with 40? You don’t need 40 motivations. You don’t need 40 methods. You don’t need 40 different applications of pressure. I don’t either. I practiced Pick One this morning almost rebelliously when presented with 40 implications that my life isn’t full enough. I closed my eyes and scrolled. My thumb stopped on Number 34. That’s the one.

34.  Avoid competition.

Didn’t read the rest of the list. The irony, y’all. The other 39 items on the list represent competition for my time and attention. I avoided them. Nailed it! The 40 list author tells me that competition “eats up resources.” Mm hmm. Like a list of 40 things that probably won’t help me because I won’t be able to digest, mindfully consider, or retain all 40 — maybe not even 10 — which makes the article overwhelmingly ineffective and a waste of my resources. One good relevant offering, that’s all anyone needs on a Monday morning.

To wit:

 Live Your Life More Fully
by Mercy Manades

Pick one.

– MM


Have a good week, friends.


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