Accessory Not


Photo Jan 20, 7 39 24 AM
— John Ruskin

Where will I put it?

How will I pay for it?

I’ll have to store it.

I’ll have to insure it.
I’ll have to display it or show it off.

I’ll have to use it enough or keep it long enough to justify the expense.

Will it come with a debt

or new bill to pay?

Does it match what I already have?

I’ll have to buy something else to complete the set.

I’ll have to rearrange everything else to make it fit.

I’ll have to clean it.

I’ll have to move it when I move.
I’ll have to give it away or donate it when I’m sick of it.
I’ll have to sell it.

I’ll have to pay to have it repaired when it breaks.

What if it gets stolen?

What does it say or imply about me?

What will people think?

How often will I need to upgrade or update it?

Do I have enough space for it?

Do I have enough time for it?

I’ll have to protect it from pets-children-elements-temperature-moisture-damage-spills-scratches-dust-static-surges-lightning-chemicals-mishandling-misuse-viruses-hacks-rust-corrosion-tarnish-cracks-snags-pests-decay-judgment-tempers-clumsiness.

How long with it last?

Will I have to explain it?

What will I have if I say No? If I walk away without it?
If I pass it up? If I don’t acquire it all?

Less weariness.

— Mercy

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