Chow Time

I got enough emails about the vegan menu I posted last week to convince me to do it again this week. Thank your fellow readers. I had no idea people would be so interested but I’m happy to share. All I’ve got time for is a short note this afternoon so those of you sick of hearing about vegetables, rejoice!

This is what we’ve got planned for plant-based living this week.

Monday — Barley Stuff Peppers from Thug Kitchen ; this will be served with leftovers from the weekend.

Tuesday — Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce & Zucchini from Thug Kitchen ; I just can’t say enough how fun this cookbook is to read as a book, even aside from cooking and eating. One cruise around the website and you’ll understand why.

Wednesday — Asparagus & Arugula with white beans from Vegan for Everybody ; yes, it’s a salad but it will go with the pasta leftovers. We always have leftover pasta.

Thursday — Roasted Vegetable Tacos with Chimichurri from Minimalist Baker

Fri/Sat/Sun — The Chef will plan his own mini-menu. I’m off duty for the weekend.

Om nom nom.

— Mercy

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