Gratitude for Standard Procedure

Okay. The weekly routine is beginning to stabilize. I got to see some faraway relatives as a part of our collective loss. This cheered me up considerably under the circumstances. I believe in imprinting. I was briefly reunited with a special relative with whom there was an imprint when we were both young tots. There was joy in our grief.

Obviously I did not get shot at gay church. I never made it to gay church. Technology failed me and I never found it; couldn’t call or text or Google. My cell phone crashed and wouldn’t reboot long enough to connect a call before crashing again. This was the one time I didn’t print out paper directions like an antiquated nerd. My vehicle is old enough not to have built-in GPS. I drove around the area for an hour trying to find it myself but failed. I even stopped to ask assistance of a police officer but little did I know I had rolled up on an active crime scene. The officer was nice but he didn’t have time to help me. After I retreated back to home base in disappointment I revived my blighted phone and sent my apologies. My friend assured me we can try again. I shall resume my practice of nerdy antiquity forthwith.

While I’ve been off-schedule I have been observing my daily frags even if I haven’t made it back here to write about them. Now it’s the end of the month and I am late for my February highlight reel. I’m posting the frags now as an acknowledgement. I hope to have time to finish a post with the work release tomorrow if not today.




I am taking enormous comfort in the fact that wellness practices are my natural, normal routines and all I have to do is begin again with the known and the familiar. This perfectly illustrates why we practice; it’s how we come back to balance, how we recover, and how we move forward after a tailspin.

Be well,


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