Oh My Frag

Oh my frag. My frags. Yesterday it was all I could do to get my Work Release post finished and stay on top of my day-job work. I was required to be surrendered to not getting anything else done, like my frag of the day post, like my first day of the month practices, like my full moon rituals. Like anything else. At 5 pm I had to shut it down, go for a run, get dinner on, and be done. Be surrendered. Let it go.

So moving into today’s frag:

Tall order these days. Definitions include “hopeful and confident about the future” and “involving an overestimate.” I like that second one. I’m overestimating the task of being optimistic. But this is a tiny piece of paper, y’all. I blow it up to make it readable and bloggable but in reality it is the corner of a page, maybe an inch long. A scrap. A bit. An itty bitty chip. Can I be this much optimistic? Don’t we wellness folk preach to start where we are and work with baby steps if necessary? Micro-movements, in yoga-speak.

Why do I think I need to be hugely optimistic or optimistic about the whole enchilada and all the fillings and all the toppings and the plate it sits upon and the room in which it is served and the utensils at hand and the chair at the table and the table on the floor and the walls under the roof in the house that Jack built? All at once?

I don’t. I can start with a single bite. Just this one. Then just the next one. And do the work of generating hope and confidence for just this much right now and not everything in the Universe at once. Yes, this I can do. I am optimistic about just the next task, which is breakfast. And then the next, which is a bath. And the next, which is getting dressed for work. And the next, which is driving to work. Not everything, just a fragment; just the amount I can hold and handle right here, right now.

Fraggin’ brilliant.

— Mercy

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