Kick-Ass Frag

The frag I drew today:

Definitions include “extremely good or impressive; excellent.” It is well known that the Universe will confirm to you what you already believe about your life. If you decide it’s good, the Universe will conspire to confirm this. If you believe it’s bad you will have unlimited confirmation of that too. I said very early this morning that I was going to have a good day. Parts of it qualified as extremely good, such as the weather. We’ve sprung, and although I mentioned this makes me sad because Spring is too short and Summer comes too quickly and lasts too long, days like today (kick-ass perfect) are too few not to appreciate.

Impressive? What impressed me today? How quickly The Chef and I blazed through seasonal tree-trimming in the warm sunshine of this early March Saturday. Eight trees. Branches cut, limbs cut into smaller pieces, stacked waist-high to be future kindling for the fire pit. Any day we work in the yard is a day we get a workout in Nature’s gym. A kick-ass workout.

Excellent. It’s a feeling that comes upon the sweaty and sunscreened after doing hard things ourselves. We didn’t pay anyone to it. We DIYed like barons of our own resources. It’s a kick-ass feeling of satisfaction. With a kick-ass cold brew at the end.

Wishing you kick-ass wellness, my friends,

— Mercy

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