This Will Put The Starch In Your Shorts

See yesterday’s frag post for an explanation of why we are binging on potatoes this week.

Monday — Leftovers from the weekend with vegan potato salad. The Chef made regular potato salad and subbed in vegan mayo. No fuss, no muss.

Tuesday — Easy Potato Curry from The Chef will be vegan this night unless he’s still got flesh leftover from his Sunday smoked meat fest.

Wednesday — Potato & Leek Soup. This is The Chef’s own recipe so I don’t have a link. The Chef modifies this to be vegan. He will add a meat sandwich for himself if wants it.

Thursday — Potato Croquettes also from Again, with whatever animal The Chef wants, if he wants. I include The Chef’s options to show we don’t cook two different dinners just because one of us is vegan and the other is not. This is completely doable in a mixed household. And you’ll notice none of this is complicated or expensive.

Friday — Breakfast for dinner, which includes skillet potatoes. The Chef usually makes a pork product and a waffle to go with it. I’ll either have vegan pancakes or vegan drop biscuits from Vegan For Everybody. I will have consumed PLENTY of protein throughout the day so save your clucking about that. I went to the doctor for a checkup last week; I am in no danger of wasting away.

I didn’t know PETA had recipes before yesterday. After becoming aware of The Chef’s supermarket blunder (see yesterday’s post) I googled “vegan potato recipes” and found the two I’ve posted above among the trove of cruelty free meals offered on the site. If your dander rises due to exposure to animals rights activism, let this be a trigger warning. I’m not trying to change your politics. I’m sharing a wellness practice. No affiliation is necessary.

— Mercy

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