My frag today is a nice enough word, but I’ve got nothing. Other than my keyboard could use a wipe. I work outside a lot. And it’s Springtime in Mercyberg. Schmutz will be strong and plentiful for the next few months. Pollen, dust, dirt, bugs, storm debris, spores, a soft rain’s a-gonna fall.

I suppose I’ll just need to let this word (ahem) evolve for the rest of the day. I’m drawing a blank as far as insights and magic meaning in my immediate circumstances. But this is a good reminder that the frags were not necessarily designed for that purpose.

The frags are designed to be inspirational. Words to which the Desire Mappers might aspire. Words to help articulate how we want to feel so that we can structure our lives and make choices to support our desires. If someone’s desire was evolution, what would she do to support that desire? If I wanted to evolve, how would I execute the action to produce that result?

I guess I just don’t respond to evolution as a feeling word. If I want to evoke a feeling I would say I want to feel evolved or I feel evolved. Maybe I want my feelings to evolve? So it’s not a frag that can stand alone. It’s a frag that references something else; something that we hypothetically would want to evolve. But I suppose the frag hints at the process, which is indeed inspiration. Evolution is a gradual change, by definition from something simple to complex. This would entail time and practice if we mean to deliberately induce evolution. The message I might then glean from the fragment is patience with the process.

Over the holidays I downloaded the Headspace app out of curiosity. I meant to experiment with it and write a review. For those who don’t know, it’s a guided meditation app with spunky little animations. I never got around to the review, and there was a daily challenge I never completed because as we know, the requirement that I do anything every single day without fail is the fastest way to make sure I don’t do it. I’ve kept the app. I still play with it from time to time. Twice a day the app sends me a message. This feature can be turned off but I like it, so I’ve left it on.

The message this morning as I wrote this:

That feeling when the mind lets go, when the body’s at ease and there is only the experience of now, is a beautiful thing. 

Yes. Not unlike the wisdom in letting something evolve versus trying to make it evolve. Patience with the process. A splendid reminder.

And another word about Headspace. Even if you have no interest in meditation the animations created to explain how it works shouldn’t be missed. The website is infectiously uplifting and the companion blog has links to podcasts, if that’s more your thing.

Be well, my friends.

— Mercy

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