Low Maintenance Noms; The Final Frontier

Borrowed with respect from livestrong.com.

I am not f-ing around this week, people. I’ll be in and out of the kitchen so fast this week you’ll wonder if I Star Trekked our dinners. Yes, Star Trekked is a verb. I’m referencing the food replicator on Star Trek, of course.  But I can’t just say replicated or you won’t know I mean the Star Trek machine, and “Star Trek Replicated” just sounds like I replicated the show rather than the food. So of course Star Trekked is the logical choice, providing it is capitalized.

The menu for the week:

Monday — Leftovers from the weekend with curried rice. I don’t have a recipe for this one.  The Chef found a jar of pumpkin curry sauce and brought it home last week. We will stir this into basmati rice and heat up the leftover goodies from weekend feasting. Easy Monday nights are not an accident.

Tuesday — Vegan Jambalaya from Connoisseurus Veg.  I will throw this into the slow cooker at lunchtime. It will be ready by the time I get home and finish my run. The Chef will add meat to his own bowl if he wants it. Easy Tuesday nights are not an accident.

Wednesday — Garlic Sesame Noodles from Pickles & Honey.  This is a returning favorite because we’ll need to use up the additional scallions not used in the jambalaya. When something is used only as a garnish I like to plan a way to consume the surplus in upcoming meals. Never waste a scallion, y’all.

Thursday —  Soup and sandwiches. Remember the Potato Leek soup from last week? We’ve still got tons of it left. We’ll be taking the soupovers out of the freezer and adding sandwiches.  The Chef will probably have meat on his. Say it with me; easy Thursday nights are not an accident.

Fri/Sat/Sun — The Chef will take the con.

Live long and prosper, y’all.

— Mercy

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