Fragmenting The Ties That Bind

My frag today:

Not a fan of the feeling. I suppose this is because I lived with too many restrictions in my younger years. Tethered is not a feeling I cultivate. Too many negative associations. Perhaps for some folks being tethered or feeling tethered is comforting. I read in various placed that it is pleasant for others to feet rooted, grounded. Maybe this is similar to anchored, a recent frag I did like and appreciate.

The difference seems to be the implication of choice. Anchored implies the choice to drop my anchor and  be anchored for a time with the option to raise it and sail on when I so desire. I don’t get the same implication from the word tethered. Tethered feels like something that gets done to us, not something we do for ourselves. I can imagine anchoring myself but tethering myself? Not so much.

We’ve come to the heat of the day here in Mercyburg. Our Fahrenheit is 80° today. Indoor and outdoor Spring clean-up tasks took up the cool morning hours. Now the heat is on and we are not acclimated. We bathe, we hydrate, and we seek shade until the evening. We will build a new moon fire tonight and say the names Celtic deities suppressed by Saint Patrick, who wasn’t even Irish.

Be well, friends,

— Mercy

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