Who Knew Thugs Were So Frugal?

Another week of busting myths about eating/cooking/living vegan. Expensive, not. Complicated, not. Boring, tasteless, or monotonous, not, not, not. And in our case, not everyone in your family must be vegan in order to make it work. Here’s my menu for the week:


Monday — Leftovers with Lemon Mint Quinoa from Thug Kitchen. As I say every week, The Chef rests Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday he cooks like a madman. There are always more leftovers than we can possibly eat in one weekend. I’ve got unused quinoa from some other week still left in the cabinet. We’ve got mint growing in the garden. Lemons are cheap. Eat all your food before you buy more.

Tuesday — Minestrone from Thug Kitchen, because I also need to use up half a head of cabbage from the weekend and there’s some lentils in the cabinet to throw in. We’ve got almost everything else already in the fridge or pantry and pasta is cheap.

Wednesday — Breakfast for dinner, because even though I’m vegan The Chef still likes to make homemade sausage. He made a bunch last weekend with odds and ends of meat stashed in the freezer for this purpose. He grinds it up with his own seasonings and makes gourmet breakfast sausage for his own consumption. He freezes it into individual patties so he can pull them out a couple at a time for meals. Even though I’m not a fan of sausage made of animals I am a fan of using it all up if you’re going to kill it or buy it. I’ll make vegan biscuits or pancakes to go with it because we’ve already got baking goods in the pantry.

Thursday — Burritos (no recipe) with roasted corn and green chiles because we’ve got beans in freezer from a couple of weeks ago and about a quart of The Chef’s own chipotle pineapple habanero hot sauce. I might make rice to go with it. We’ve always got that in the pantry too. Or I might not. Our burritos are generally so massive we don’t need much to go with them. Thug life, y’all.

Fri/Sat/Sun — The madman will do his thing.

Eat well, be well.

— Mercy

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  1. hyperdrawler says:

    Sass, thanks for the information you sent me. I tried something with spinach…it was tolerable lol but takes some getting used to. I am also trying to acquire a taste for tofu lol. Wish spinach came in a coffee flavor đŸ˜‰. Love ya.


    1. Renaissance Heart says:

      The best thing about tofu is that it has no taste, so acquisition should be easier than spinach. Love you too, don’t give up.


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