Smart Ass Frag

My frag of the day today was the word Thriving but I feel like I already covered that yesterday in my Flourishing post. As I mentioned before, some of these frags are double-sided so I flipped over Thriving to discover:

Hmm. Alive is a good thing to be but other than that I’m not sure why this is a frag. We should aspire to be alive? To feel alive? One of our core desires should be life? Okay. I can’t argue with any of that. But…

When in doubt, look it up, right? I mean, before I throw up my hands and say I’ve got nothin’ here. Many times insights have been gleaned from picking up on alternative definitions of a word or synonyms, rather than settling for the most common understanding. In this case, settling for “not dead.”

Other than not dead, a person or animal described as alive may also be considered alert, active, and animated. Alrighty, still good things. I still don’t have much to offer other than an affirmative nod of the head.

Oh. Wait.

Maybe the message I’m supposed to receive is that is all I need to be today. This is enough for today. Perhaps it’s a suggestion to take a rest day. Stay alert, stay active, stay animated but maybe let some of the other shit go today.

It reminds me of the day I was sitting in yoga teacher training after the instructor made us all do book reports on the Bhagavad Gita as homework. After we turned in our reports the instructor burst all of our intellectual bubbles by telling us the point of those 700 verses of Hindu scripture was just to “be alive and live life.” I thought she was joking so I laughed like a hyena. If you’ve ever read the Gita you know why I thought this was so funny. She wasn’t joking though. This really was her take on the book. Ironically, when I got my book report back I was given the highest grade possible with her handwritten notes that my interpretation of the Gita was the best she’d ever read. But, you know, apparently I could have gotten by with just “be alive.”

M’kay. Will do.

— Mercy

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