Hello. My Name Is.

A lucid Thursday; I can get on board with that. And really, this is an ideal theme for any day, no?

I always want to make Lucid the proper name of the nickname Lucy. You know, instead of Lucille. Wouldn’t you love to see that on a name tag at a stupid corporate mixer?  Lucid. Or even better, instead of names just accurate descriptives for who we are?

Back when I worked in municipal government I went to a mandatory conference with the mandatory stick-on name tags. I wrote on mine, “Left Breast.” My boss didn’t think it was very funny. I was ordered to take it off but I put it back it on later at the bar and some equally brilliant lady said, “Oh no. Where did you leave it? Do you want me to help you find it?” I bought her a free drink.

— Mercy

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