Runaway Frags

I told you last week I had a couple of surplus frags left and then I’d be current on calendar corner perfs. That was true when I said it. On Friday I slid the remaining frags into the back pocket of my jeans with the intention of photographing them so I could write about them on Saturday and Sunday. Dumb idea. Of course I forgot. When I remembered the frags were still in my jeans I rescued them from pocket pergatory but then promptly misplaced them. I’ve looked and looked for them. It’s now Monday and I still can’t locate them. I think they ran away.

They must have been afraid that a fate might befall them as befell some frags who went before them. That I’d make a joke of them or claim they are “not a thing” or recall some awful memory association or deconstruct them. These are risks all frags face but these two renegades must have decided the risk was too great. She’s not making me into a fake name tag!  One or more of these posts must have been so off-putting the frags couldn’t stick around to put out. They are either hiding well or they have bolted. I’m pretty sure one of them was Mindful. The other one escapes me. I suppose they have both escaped me, no?

When I flipped the calendar page to this fresh new week I got this fresh new frag:

Very funny, guys.


— Mercy

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