Lost and Found Frag

Remember the frags I lost last week? I found one of them.

Or, remember the frags who ran away last week? One of them came back.

Mindful was the one I could recall. Mindful is the one who returned.

On the flip side of Mindful was Ambitious. I’m betting it was Ambitious who decided to run away. Ambitious probably talked Mindful into it. Perhaps Mindful convinced Ambitious to come back.

I wonder where they went? What did they see? Was it scary or cold or wet? Was it a delight of pleasures and adventure? I found them in my closet floor. What were the circumstances abroad that made my closet floor seem preferable to them? Did they leave behind the frag who still remains missing or did they get separated somehow? Was it a broken romance? Was it a leadership dispute? Did they return to the place from which they escaped because by comparison it turned out to be safer than the world at large? Perhaps with a team name implying Mindful Ambition it wasn’t a safety issue but a logical conclusion.

Or was it not an escape at all? A folly, then? A lark? A caper? Will the other frag return as well? Would they want to be reunited? Was it a competition? A game? Is Mindful/Ambitious the winning team? Or the surviving team? Or the team who bailed and went home? Oh, these mysterious frags!

My regularly scheduled frag for this week, side one:

And side two:

Any chance Mindful missed Happy? Ambitious missed Lush? Absence made the frags grow fonder? It made mine grow fonder.

— Mercy

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