Plenty Planty

Meal planning for a family with only one vegan in it? No problem. I’ve got you covered. Check out my week of easy vegan meals to which you can add all the meat you can violate (see rum ham below). I’m giving the cookbooks a rest this week and gleaning from among my favorite food bloggers. My non-Easter bonnet is off to the babes and bros who spend their time testing and posting these meals to seduce me into cooking them, and also so my weeknights can be plenty planty.

rum ham

Monday — leftovers. The Chef made a rum ham for himself over the weekend. If you’ve never heard of rum ham you should check out the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Rum ham is featured in the episode called “The Gang Goes To The Jersey Shore.” It is gloriously gross. We’ve also got gallons of collard greens and a medium shit-ton of sweet potatoes. The Chef will add leftover rum ham to his plate. If I feel like I need something else to accompany this I’ve got some couscous in the cabinet.

Tuesday — Creamy Vegetable Risotto from Minimalist Baker for a fast and easy Tuesday night. Who doesn’t love a fast and easy Tuesday night?

Wednesday — Roasted Broccoli Pasta Salad from Vegan Yack Attack because I’ve got most of a box of pasta that needs to be used. Mine will have shells instead of spirals.

Thursday — Keema Lentil Wraps from Vegan Richa because I’ve still got most of a bag of red lentils that need to be eaten. The Chef will probably eat these in those yummy puffy bread blobs that are typically used for gyros. I don’t think those are vegan (unless he can find a vegan variety) so I’ll have flour tortillas.

Fri/Sat/Sun — my days off!

Chow down, y’all.

— Mercy

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