Say My Name

The turning of the week brings the tearing of the frags. My frag for the coming week is Kindred. My frag for the extra journal page is Groovin’. I dreamed I was on my way to Jamaica last night with a red carry-on bag. I was moving through the airport looking for my gate and a bathroom. I ran into a lovely black woman who recognized me and knew where I was going without asking or being told. She was so happy I was making the trip; proud of me, even. She spoke in a Jamaican accent and wore a pink head wrap. I can’t place her in my waking life yet in my dream life she felt kindred to me.

I think Groovin’ is not shortened Grooving. I think this frag is a misprint. I think it should have been Groovin without the apostrophe. It’s a name like Marvin. Or Calvin. Or Irwin. Groovin. Or maybe it’s a surname. When I was a little girl there was a woman in our church named Mildred Colvin. I always wanted to write a novel and give her name to the main character. Perhaps the Universe is saying it’s time, only in order to truthfully say the fiction bears no resemblance to persons living or dead I’d have to change it to Kindred Groovin. I’d want it more Germanic though, such as Kindred Greuvin. If you ever read this book you can say you remember when I thought of it.

If you steal this idea from me the Grande Dame of the next paragraphs shall have her vengeance. (That’s me.)

Both frags were double-sided. On the rear of Kindred was Luminous. Behind Groovin’ was Magnificent.

Luminous is a confirmation. At the beginning of the year when I chose my core desired feelings I chose Luminous as one of them. In regard to my Essence and Spirituality I want to feel Luminous. The idea is then to choose the practices which support this desire.

If I was a Sage or an Oracle or a Sister of an Order of spiritual beings, perhaps my divinity moniker would be Luminous Magnificent. Like a Native American name. Or like when devotees of certain Hindu and Buddhist sects forsake their given names and take spiritual names. Or when the little girls gave themselves names in The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, and I do mean the book, not the movie. Or that time I baptized myself in the lake at the dam where people are not supposed to jump into the water or they might die. When I didn’t die all the women on the boat gave me the name Princess Chilly Waters.

Except that as I use it I would probably find Lum-i-nous Mag-ni-fi-cent to be splendid for ceremonial purposes but for everyday use it’s a lot of tongue-y syllables. Day to day I might opt for a hybrid. Lumi Mag, perhaps. (Shiver of deliciousness.) That sounds downright witchy. Downright damnright. ← This is how spells are created, y’all.

Women who are secretly Sages or Oracles or Sisters of Orders of spiritual beings can see the reflective surfaces which others do not. Sometimes scraps of paper are mirrors. Tiny triangles of right back at ya, babe.

All hail.

— Mercy

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