Good Sabbath

Sadness has passed as I said it would. I went to Hiking Church to express my gratitude. Although when home is this pretty, why would any need to change her scenery?

Photo May 20, 7 40 22 AM

Because it’s healthy. And sometimes hilarious. Considering my post from last week I was most amused to find this woodpecker damage. On the Christian sabbath, no less.

Holy Holey Holies
Notice the heart? This one pecks with love.

Later in the day I saw this cleft cliff and wondered what caused its damage. Everyone else was staring at the waterfall. Swimming under the waterfall. Posing for photos in front of the waterfall. I couldn’t stop staring at this rock breaking in two.

Photo May 26, 10 16 24 AM
I know this feeling.

But I’m jumping ahead. First there was the getting there. So much changes on the trail in two month’s time. That’s how long I’d been away.

Photo May 26, 9 23 15 AM
The crossing guard still recognized me.

Trail dog remembered the way.

Photo May 26, 9 21 59 AM
Last time I was here I peed way over there.

Doesn’t it look like she’s raising an eyebrow at me?

Now where have you been?

The slender ladies lean in that casually seductive way. Like street girls of the forest.

Photo May 26, 9 22 49 AM
Where you headed? What’s your hurry?

Onward to the Emerald City Non-urban Oasis.

Photo May 26, 9 22 33 AM
Blissfully free of flying monkeys.

Who climbs over a mountain to get to a lake instead of going around?

Photo May 26, 9 22 14 AM
Geldings and Goddesses, that’s who.

Potholes here are infinitely more satisfying.

Photo May 26, 9 51 28 AM
Puddle full of sky.

If I was camping here, this would be my bathtub. It was just deep enough for sitting.  Like a one person hot tub. Only not hot. And I’d have to evacuate the crawdads first.  Video posted here. I’m not camping though. It’s just a day hike.

Photo May 26, 9 52 09 AM
Go back and watch the video.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a campfire.

Good sabbath.

— Mercy


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