May Work Release

Been hanging on to this one for a while now. Time to clear it. Never managed a full post but you remember the joke, right?

I am not going to manage a work release post in my usual way. May is gone. I didn’t get it done. A highlight reel takes the entire month to publish. I start curating early in the month and work on it a little at a time as the month wears on. I did extra traveling this month and didn’t curate as I went along. Now I’ve got a vacation day today and I am not going to spend it in front of a screen. The work of the month is still released but I am not detailing all of it.

I did manage a self-portrait, taken at the end of a Morning Run.

I almost fell again on this run. Fell again; it must be said this way. My last fall was legendary. I’m a professional toppler. I was going to say professional tumbler but that sounds like a gymnast. I’m a faller. Faller downer. Keeler? My proverbial old football injury is a falling on the run injury. This time I was staring at the full moon instead of watching the road. Rough pavement downtown. Stubbed hard, pitched forward, stumbled wildly. Didn’t go down though. Nothing injured.

Moon caught me.  Yes it did.

On Memorial Day I took El Doggo down to the river for a swim. While I was there I found a yellow shovel. The plastic kind, kid-sized. I picked it up and kept it while wading and splashing and allowing myself and my dog to be baptized in river stink.

When it was over we dripped back to my car parked under a bridge. A little boy in a long black cape and sunglasses stood on the beach. His parents were setting up a picnic behind him. Three years old, I’d guess. A bucket of sand toys sat at his feet.

I brandished the digger.

“I found this shovel while I was playing with my dog. Would you like to have it?”

“Your dog doesn’t want it?”

“He will chew it up.”

SuperBoy considered. “I won’t chew it.”

“Great, then it’s yours.”

SuperBoy accepted. He grabbed his orange shovel out of his bucket and held the two close together, as if introducing one to the other. Orange meet Yellow. The breeze picked up the edge of his cape in perfectly timed drama.

SuperDad nearby gave a manners prompt. “What do you say?”

SuperBoy grinned up at me and answered, “What a great day!”

Magic shovel.

— Mercy

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