More Migrant Wellness

I’m traveling again.

The year is only halfway done and I’m already on my fourth trip.

I’m sitting in a coffee house now with a few hours before my next event. These are the frags I have neglected over the past couple of weeks:

I forgot to flip Blazing for the second image. Or perhaps Blazing asserted herself. Since all the frags pictured are now resting comfortably back home in the recycling bin, I doubt I’ll ever know what was on the other side of Blazing.

I never finished this post. This was as far as I got.

The coffee house was plagued with flies and shouting, so I left. The shouting came from a tourist seated at the counter, detailing her visit to the busy baristas working the counter, the drive-thru, the cash register, and the mobile order pick-up. The tourist shouted to be heard over all this work. The grinding, brewing, mixing, steaming, packaging, serving, and speaking necessary to complete a transaction; over all this she bleated.

Wellness on the road, folks. It requires just as much work as wellness at home. Sometimes the road is where all the home work is realized.  As loud as this lady was, I didn’t want to hate her. She needed to yell her road joy. Her adventure. Her delight. She needed to share and express her excitement. She needed her elation to be heard. I didn’t want to hate her for this just because I needed some quiet. And the flies were irritating. She was just happy. Who gets irritated over someone else’s happiness? This is Social wellness on the road.

But my upcoming events were going to be noise-fests. Hours upon hours of constant noise. And heat. And close quarters. And stinky bathrooms. I needed a place no less happy than the coffee house but less noisy before I dived into chaos and mayhem and discomfort. I googled local green spaces. Botanical gardens just a few minutes away. Bingo. But once there I didn’t want to type on a device. I wanted to enjoy the dragonflies and the water lilies and the giant floppy sun hats and the peace. So I didn’t finish this post. Emotional/spiritual wellness on the road.

Not that it’s all as easy as practicing tolerance and seeking serenity. There is physical effort involved as well. Before the coffee house I got up early for a run in advance of a very long day of sitting. Three hours in the car the day before, four hours of special event. Another four hours scheduled the next day and then that same three hours home. That’s too much sitting, y’all. A run of a few miles from the hotel is enough to offset all that butt stasis.  A super-thin fold-up yoga mat also helps in the evenings for hotel room yoga. Physical wellness on the road.

Financial wellness on the road. Vegan breakfast is hard away from home. Don’t waste money on this sucker deal. Don’t waste money that could be spent on future travels. A packet of oatmeal tossed in with a change of clothes. It’s basic no-brainer budgeting abroad. If you order oatmeal on the road a single bowl costs more than an entire box of oats. Add more than water to the bowl and the dollars keep climbing. I toss a couple of oatie envelopes into my bag before I ever leave the driveway. Together with a tiny container of raisins and nuts, the whole thing takes up less space than a bottle of shampoo or a tablet.

And while we are on the subject, hotel coffee SUCKS. Tired of single-serve brown junk water that comes off the chambermaid’s cleaning cart? Invest in a reusable pour-over coffee kit. There are a bajillion of them out there on the market from the super-simple to the stupid-complicated. Find your spot on the spectrum and stop drinking that countertop shit water. Seriously, they might as well call it grumpy juice. Hack your own for decent coffee on the road and then enjoy the fancy coffee house for its ambiance and free newspapers.

Bright Intentional Blazing. Significant Divine Instinctive Ease.

Wellness at work.

— Mercy

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